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I am a woman that is straight’d prefer to experiment

I am a woman that is straight’d prefer to experiment

DEAR PETRA: I am a lady in my own belated 20s. I’ve just ever endured intimate encounters with men, save for a few teenage pashes with gal pals purely for the novelty from it. I’m sure I am right with them– but as I get a bit older I am interested in exploring my sexuality, and that includes sexual experiences with women– I am totally attracted to men and enjoy sex. My real question is, how do I need to get concerning this? I adjusted my settings on dating apps for a time, to add people, but I felt really disingenuous. I did not desire to lead on hot petite girls ladies who had been exclusively enthusiastic about women, or appear like i needed to use them for intercourse. And so I never ever responded in their mind and reverted to my previous ‘men just’ settings.

I will be interested in just exactly what it will be want to be with a female, in both a real and sense that is emotional but i mightnot need to harm anybody’s feelings or cause them to feel just like they certainly were an effective way to a finish. It feels as though a bit of an ask of this individual – i am completely inexperienced and would not know very well what I became doing! Will there be a real way i could pursue this interest, for need of an improved term, ethically? – Stella

PETRA SAYS: Stella, my somewhat-Sapphic sweetheart. You state you are directly. Let me function as the anyone to break it for you that if you should be interested in sex with females then you’re maybe not 100 % straight.

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